About Us

Our Team

Principal, David Rice and solicitor, Biju Anthony.

David Rice LLB 

David Rice is the senior principal lawyer with over 50 years experience.  In his spare time, David enjoys walking his two dogs along the beach.

Biju Anthony LLB

Biju is a junior lawyer in addition to being a chartered accountant.  In his spare time, Biju enjoys spending time with his family and playing guitar.

Crystalle Abela

Our friendly Paralegal is currently studying her Bachelor of Law and enjoys spending quality time with family outside of work. Her areas of interest are Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills & Probate.


Michelle is our senior legal assistant who finds great reward in helping our Family Law and Criminal Law clients.

About Us

Taking care of your legal issues in Midland. We’re confident in our ability to get the best results for you and after coming in to talk to us, you’ll be confident too.
At Griffiths Rice & Co we take your legal issues as seriously as you do! We know what’s at stake and work hard to get the best possible results.

We treat each and every case as if your interests and the consequences were our own. We have built our reputation in Midland on the determination to always give more than 100% to our clients.


At Griffiths Rice & Co, we know communication is a major key to ensuring your legal issues are fully understood and taken care of. We will work carefully with you to make sure your case is thoroughly investigated.

We will always endeavour to answer any questions you might have to give you complete satisfaction.  We want  you to feel confident in your understanding when you deal with us.


Every member of our team at Griffiths Rice & Co holds your confidentiality in the highest regard. To further protect your rights and our promise to maintain complete confidentiality, every team member is bound by a confidentiality agreement. All records are subject to security measures that further protect your details and the details of your case. We understand that every case has its delicacies and how daunting the process can be for some people. Rest assured, you can trust us.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and service to our clients in all legal matters. We aim for constant improvement and encourage feedback from our Midland clients so that we can provide a consistently superior service.

Griffiths Rice & Co is also committed to continuing to learn and develop as the law and the legal environment change. Call us about your legal issues today.